The BroadLEARN™ Early Learning subscription pack is the complete learning course for your child.mum helping child with Broadlearn The program includes access to:

  • 12 months subscription to the Learning World and Adventure Island
  • Activity Book 1 - Paper-based activities introducing foundation skills and concepts in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Activity Book 2 - Builds upon the foundation skills to broaden knowledge and expertise in basic literacy and numeracy
  • Activity Book 3 - Applies knowledge of key concepts - Initiates development of higher order thinking skills
  • Access to the nine assessment activities
  • Access to real-time assessment with detailed feedback on progress
  • Child Reports to print and display that celebrate their progress
  • Parent Reports that detail your child's progress and identifies knowledge gaps
  • Personalised course builder that links to learning activities to address learning gaps
  • Access to all 300 interactive learning objects in BroadLEARN Early Learning
  • Access to over 100 printable Treasure Chest reward activities
  • Access to language learning in the International Schoolhouse (English, Japanese, Chinese) Access to the computer skills learning unit
  • Access to download 100 paper-based BroadLEARN Early Learning activity sheets